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This child-friendly Individual Education Plan (IEP) template can be printed out, filled-in with the participation of the child and then laminated for longevity. Laminating the IEP will keep it durable and will encourage the child to make regular reference to it.

Children should keep their own laminated copy, use it for all lessons and have it available when going to work with different adults who need to know and understand the key targets of the IEP.

Donít forget to make a copy so that the parents/guardians have their own copy as well.

Writing the IEP with the child encourages their co-operation.

It should record only the aspects which are additional to or different from the differentiated curriculum plan, which is in place as part of provision for all children.

The IEP should focus on 3 or 4 key targets, chosen from those relating to the key areas of communication literacy, mathematics and behaviour and social skills that meet the child's needs.

The IEP should include the following information about their learning:

short term targets set for pupil

teaching strategies to be used

provision to be put in place

when the plan is to be reviewed

expected outcome of the action taken

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